Kristy was recently named a board member and Vice President of Winn Reading, a literacy nonprofit serving Cincinnati, OH. Winn Reading helps students gain the skills needed to be a successful reader in the early years of their elementary years. 

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why is he this way-autism at a glance book by Kristy High

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Children, Fiction, Autism

Why is he this way? Autism at a Glance

Author: Kristy High

London doesn’t understand why her twin brother Michael is so different and why he acts the way he does. She learns her brother has autism, what it is, and some of the autistic behaviors. This is a great introduction for young children to help them understand the basics of autism and how to support someone who is autistic.

About Kristy

Kristy is an award-winning children’s book author and an in-demand publicist and coach. She is the Vice President of Winn Reading, a literacy non-profit serving Cincinnati.

Kristy is the author of How About You? An Introduction to Dyslexia, Did I Upset Grandma, Strong and Healthy-Like a Car, How to Tame My Busy Brain, 3x co-author of the acclaimed children’s books, Peter’s Perfect Pipes, I’m No Different Than You, and I am Powerful, I am Amazing, I am a King. Her first book, Peter’s Perfect Pipes is featured in Scholastic Books and has been adapted into an animated series that will be used as an educational resource for hospitals and schools nationwide.

Kristy has assisted several successful authors with live events, public relations, book clubs, retail placement, and more.

Her books are in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Saint Louis Children’s Hospital, Brooklyn Children’s Hospital, Kansas City Children’s Hospital, and several other hospitals and clinics nationwide. Her work has been featured by Sickle Cell Foundations nationwide.

Best Sellers

how about you-dyslexia-by-kristy-high

Released: 19 September 2023

How About You? An Introduction to Dyslexia

Author: Kristy High


Michelle is worried about going to fourth grade. She thinks it will be tougher than third grade since third grade was hard for her. She soon learns something about her difficulties that makes her question if she will ever be able to keep up with the rest of her classmates. This book will help introduce childhood dyslexia and start conversations with children about their anxieties around reading. Parents and caregivers will learn how to recognize signs of reading difficulties and steps they can take to help relieve anxieties that children might have about their struggles.

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